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Having doctoral degree = Ubiquitous learning

March 8th, 2016

Process of findings meanings of economics and finance theory and paradigm is varied. Though the higher institutions offer ‘PhD’, it does not mean the students and alumni have always studied epistemology and ontology extensively. Even Professor Emeritus stated:

Although my ultimate academic degree declared that I was a Doctor of Philosophy (meaning a research degree), I have never, during some eight years of university education, had a course in philosophy. Reading some of the works of these philosophers, I realized that my research has been an imitation of others without understanding what lies beneath the surface and without contributing much to the process of discovery: the search for truth, that must be the ultimate, all dominant and most noble objective of science

(George M. Frankfurter, 2007, Theory and Reality in Financial Economics: Essays Toward a New Political Finance, World Scientific, USA)

Studying is an ubiquitous running towards sunrise, literally and implicitly, indeed.

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