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The US-Japan relationship (Chapter 1)

March 5th, 2015
  • Commander Perry’s visit to Japan in 1853-4 has made a history on the US-Japan relationship. It was backed by the gunboats of the US Navy. Anyways, of all the foreign countries with which Japan interacts, no country has had a more important influence on the Japanese economy than the United States ;)
  • In 1997, the US criticized Japan’s closed-market for foreign products. Kodak has accused Fujifilm and the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) of exerting the sale of Kodak products. Hosted by the WTO, both countries then discussed the ruling in favour of Fujifilm. The US government alleges that this is the result of certain Japanese corporate grouping (keiretsu). Within the system, Japanese firms prefer to purchase products from their keiretsu-affiliated firms rather than non-keiretsu firms, including foreign firms.
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