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Why doing research about Japan?

July 16th, 2012 Comments off

Japan is always interesting subject of research because it has great respect on, firstly, cultural ‘fascinosum’ and secondly, economic power. In terms of the culture, Japan has a unique culture, I guess everyone knows about it :)

The Japan’s culture combines two completely different features:

  • Japan as a technological nation. In this way, salary-men are best known of its efficiency, forward-thinking, socially and economically homogeneous, sacrificing itself for the sake of the good of the nation with all the forces of Japan marching in rank and file, in a manner of speaking, at the same tempo along the straight road to growth, ahead of all other nations.
  • Japan as a country where the people appreciates tradition highly. The country lovingly nurtures a sensitively refined culture. The people has developed a markedly subtle, intense communication and social system.

You can dig and discover interesting treasures from these points, if you give it try ;)

Source: Kensy, Rainer (2001) Keiretsu Economy – New Economy? Japan’s Multinational Enterprises from a Postmodern Perspective, Palgrave, Great Britain: Hampshire.

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