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Business relations with environment: Is it not a science?

December 15th, 2010 1 comment

The way of business doing related to environmental matters seems to be an art rather than a science.

Along with the gradual decay of environmental resources currently, business power to adapt toward environmental issues seem to be hard due to naturally business operation is not properly designed to respond this issue. Historically, business was conducted within likely-unlimited environmental resources. However, its view should be shifted and corporations are pursued to build more friendly-relationship with environment and society.

To do this, it seems that businesses need such a help. Welford and Starkey (1996) even argued that business practice in highly developed and intelligent in many aspects is not sufficient. These manners are not a science. Corporations face lacks of guiding principles to relate their activities to fundamental and critical concepts as evolution, biological diversity, carrying capacity and the health of the commons. Even if there are guidelines, friendly-environmental business activities are quite hard because business is designed to break through the limits, not to respect other issues which avoid them to attain profit objection.

Source: Welford R. and Starkey R. (Ed.) 1996. Business and the Environment. Earthscan Publications Ltd., London

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